About Us

Maurice GreerMy name is Maurice Greer I am first a child of God, second, a loving husband to my wife Brooke and third, a dedicated father to Maurice Jr., Jayden, and Moriah. I currently work with at-risk youth as a group home manager and also served as a group leader at Ridge View Youth Services Center. I started my foundation because I’m a passionate about helping our younger generation succeed in meeting their goals in their walk with God, education and athletics.

My foundation is influenced by my testimony. My story has both positive and painful moments that have had a great impact on my life. I was broken before I found Christ. I made football my priority in life and I believed it was my ticket to success. I thought that making it to the league would give me everything I needed while allowing me to do what I loved. The Lord allowed me to play in the NFL for a brief moment but my career was cut short and it left me devastated. After a year in depression I found Christ. He healed me from my brokenness and depression and helped me rebuild my confidence again. He showed me things that I never knew about myself and I started to see what God’s love truly felt like and that football didn’t define who I was but it was something that I did.

When I first met my wife, she was like many others in my shoes, she had a passion for basketball and believed it defined her. After we faced many tests and trials God showed us who we actually were aside from the fame and popularity from playing sports. God is still molding and shaping us into what he needs us to be for His glory. We have been married for five years and God has been building and helping us grow with Him. He put it on our hearts to teach the youth and young adults the same lessons we’ve learned; principally if we put God first in everything we do and focus on school everything else will come in God’s will and timing. We didn’t have the knowledge, wisdom and understanding when we were in the mist of our athletic careers that we have now. We were irresponsible in our thinking and believed our way was better. Now we can apply that knowledge, wisdom and understanding helping all athletes succeed.

Our Mission

Our mission is to teach, coach and train all youth and young adult athletes so they can excel in the classroom and in life becoming dynamic well- rounded Christian Student Athletes.

Our Vision

Our vision is to grow the Christian Student Athletes Foundation into a nationwide team of coaches, tutors, and trainers, to reach a larger population of youth. We aim to help youth achieve athletic, educational and spiritual goals, to eventually build a Christian Student Athletes Academy.